About Us

Welcome to bondru bookings. We represent talented DJs and artists from across the musical spectrum. Based in Amsterdam, we're run by a team of passionate music enthusiasts who are dedicated to help grow the careers of outstanding artists. We provide a platform from which new collaborations can be born and styles can be developed. Let's match the right artist with the right event and the right crowd.


What do we stand for

'Bondru' stands for unity, for oneness and for bundling. Bundling our powers, talents and wisdom to create a world where love, togetherness and equality are leading, as opposed to the growing fear, hatred and xenophobia that is spreading throughout the world.

Bondru is a collective of people from different cultures and backgrounds who have joined forces and bundled their qualities and expertise to create joyful events in the field of music, art, culture and food and inspire meaningful collaborations. 


We stand for unity
Unity in diversity 
We are Bondru

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